Farm Park Installation

A large structure constructed using second-hand items to keep the costs down to a sensible level. In addition to the main play frame a Fire Station was added to provide interactive play in a more controllable space. The main structure includes the following;

  • Drop slide off a 4m deck height
  • Spiral tube slide from 3.6m
  • Straight tube slide from 3m
  • Aerial runway
  • Wobbly balance beam with a bag obstacle
  • Twin lane astra slide from 2m
  • Tube crawl
  • Mini straight slide on the upper level
  • 1/2 log climb
  • Stair climb

The ground floor level is relatively open (as is the building but it works!), with a view to adding more equipment when budget permits.

The frame is approx' 14m long x 8.5m wide x 5m high and will hold 60-70 children at any one time.

The cost for this unit in second-hand materials would be approx £55000. This would show a saving of at least £30000 on an all new identical structure.

Second-hand structures make a lot of economic sense with major cash flow benfits to any new business. It's rather like your new car. You drive it off the forecourt and lose a huge amount off its value and the play frames are no different. So why not go for a re-conditioned frame that for all intents and purposes provides the same activities as the new one, but with the cost saving advantages?

Picture of Farm Park Installation
Picture of Farm Park Installation
Picture of Farm Park Installation
Picture of Farm Park Installation