Interactive Zoo Play

This installation came with a requirement to feature the parks superb pair of tigers. This is an unusual exhibit in a fairly small zoo, but a superbly laid out park, with a great range of exhibits and varied entertainment for the visitors.

As is the case in so many entertainment centre and attractions, a range of indoor and outdoor activities is critical in providing an all- weather visitor experience. This again featured a number of second-hand items to enable a target budget to be achieved.

The pencil image was used as the basis for the quotation and a more detailed version supplied when installed. This also keeps an element of the cost down.

The structure incorporates the following products within the basic padded structure.

  • 4No free-standing ball blaster cannons
  • 2No tiger ball feeders
  • Ammo bubble
  • Volcano
  • Twin lane astra slide
  • 90 degree bend tube slide
  • See-saw
  • Aerial runway
  • Spinning poles
  • Wobbly discs
  • Swinging buoy
  • Cargo net
  • Squeeze rollers
  • Perspex deck
  • 1/2 log climb
  • Balance beam
  • Ball boggler

The flooring in the interactive area used an EVA interlocking tile 1m square which gives a durable, easy to clean play surface. Traditional floor pads were used within the main frame.

This area occupies a space 10m x 8.5m x 4.2m high and will hold 45 children costing approx' £42000, the price being subject to the content and as ever, use of a number of quality second-hand items. The slides were the items supplied as the second-hand products in this instance. Slides do tend to be a major part of the cost of any equipment in any play area design.

Picture of Interactive Zoo Play
Picture of Interactive Zoo Play
Picture of Interactive Zoo Play
Picture of Interactive Zoo Play
Picture of Interactive Zoo Play