All materials are covered under warranty for 12 months, thereafter they must be replaced as the need arises.

Maintenance Contract

Inspection fee: a call out charge will be made if an inspection is required. In the event of chargeable works being executed during a maintenance visit no inspection fee will be levied.

Chargeable works: a quotation will be provided before any chargeable works are undertaken. If the works can be completed during the inspection visit an additional call out charge will not be made. An accurate assessment of the work required by the operator will greatly help clarify the work required. For installations by Bonkers Play, reference to the as-built drawings provided in the handover file will assist in the reporting process.


  • Bonkers Play technicians will undertake a detailed inspeciton of the area and equipment, providing a checklist
  • A report will be issued detailing any remedial work and associated costs
  • Following satisfactory completion of all works an inspection certificate will be issued to the operator

Ball cleaning

  • Bonkers Play technicians will undertake thorough cleaning of all plastic balls and the containing area
  • Following satisfactory completion of the works a certificate will be issued to the operator

Further information

For further information on customer service and maintenance contract options please contact us.