Blaster – free standing


Soft foam ball cannon for interactive arenas

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A child friendly soft play foam ball cannon with no triggers or visible cables, light and easy to manoevre, all the weight being taken by the central swivel. The balls are sucked in to the firing point and ‘pop’ out of the barrel creating their own sound effect. The electrics are hidden under the padding or hidden in the tube of the mounting framework, run out to a 13amp socket, the mains lead being armoured and 5m long.

  • Bespoke colours available
  • 8m range
  • Clear perspex barrel
  • 1100mmL x 400mmW x 600mmH including the swivel
  • Weight 16kgs
  • Will only accept foam balls
  • Padded case with HDPE side panels and handles
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Fan operated
  • 60 second timed cycle off the start button
  • Power requirement 2 amps, 240v
  • PAT tested