Fire Station with Fire Engine


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As Seen at Finkley Down Farm Park and Featured in June/July edition of Indoor Play Magazine.

Why not give the fire engine his own fire station?

The Bonkers Fire Station offers great play value within a very small footprint, at a very competitive price. There are hoses to ‘fire’ the balls, hoses to fill the tipping ‘water’ bucket, a ‘water’ pump, and a hydrant that hovers the balls on a jet of air. It provides great interactive fun for all ages, offering great physical activity as well. This is designed to encourage play making rather than just physical activity.

The fire engine is also available as a separate item.

Add-ons included to complement the Fire Station with Fire Engine:-

  • Twin Ball Feeder
  • Hose for ball feeder
  • Single ball feeder
  • Twin firemen punch bags
  • Tipping Ball Basket
  • 500 plastic balls
  • Slide
  • 25 Safety floor mats

Comes complete with the surrounding framework.

  • Fire station dimensions: 2440mmH x 4880mmW x 4880mmL
  • Power requirements: 3 No. 13 amp 240v sockets
  • Usage of the 3 fan operated items is 5.6 amps
  • Operated by a timed 2 minute cycle off a large start button
  • Dimensions can be altered to suit your area, as can the content
  • Installation time approximately 2-3 days for the complete fire station, subject to content.