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Go on an adventure in our fantastic new play bus with optional interactive package

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Brand new for 2017, the Bonkers Play Bus is the first in our developing range of self-contained role play items that are suitable for stand-alone installation or to revitalise existing play areas.

The unit is constructed from high-quality fibreboard with a custom hand-painted finish that is laquered for protection. Interior items, the passenger bench and driver seat, are made with vinyl covered foam guaranteeing a long life and ease of maintenance.

The basic unit at £2380 includes the following:

  • Driver’s seat
  • Passenger bench
  • Steering wheel
  • Padded floor
  • Roof with acrylic panel for additional light
  • Custom artwork on exterior
  • Installation

Ideal for replacing coin-operated units or for creating a completely unique and fun role-play area we also offer an interactive package along with various extras to enhance the play value of this unit.

The interactive package is an additional £2950 and includes the basic package above plus the following:

  • Working exhaust fan
  • Engine start button
  • Horn button
  • Passenger bell button
  • IR ‘break beam’ entrance sensor
  • Flashing headlights
  • Ambient and triggered sound effects (bus starting, horn beeping, etc)
  • Radiator panel
  • Interior lighting with colour changes

Additional accessories include:

Item Price plus VAT
Circular interactive hub cap puzzles £420/each
Painted interior windows 400mm W x 320mm H £205
Interior video screen
For display of “standard” interactive content or turn the bus into an entirely self-contained entertainment and cinema area with your own bespoke or advertising content!
Price on application
Wide choice of additional puzzles for interior See our wall panels

Length: 2440mm
Width: 1220mm
Height: 1800mm
Material: Fibreboard