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Interactive Sound Panel

The Interactive Sound Panel works in the same way to the Disco Tube by way of the user creating sound to engage with this fun interactive panel. The user can clap, stomp, shout, sing and more to activate the colourful lights.

The more sound you make the higher the lights will go. This is perfect for children to interact with and learn about cause and effect. Play music in your sensory environment and the panel will interact to the beat!

The Interactive Sound Panel is easy to set up. The supplied bar bracket fixes onto your chosen wall and then the panel simply hangs onto the strong bar. All you need to do then is plug in and play.


An interactive sound panel can also be supplied with a padded frame to enable its installation within a play area providing a safe, exciting addition to any play enviroment. This is also available with an interactive panel control.

Product Details

Measures 120cm x 60cm x 8cm (HxWxD)
Interacts with sounds made by the user
Easy to install and quick to set up
Interact with music to see the panel interact with the beat