Play barn and ‘yard’ with sensory play


Barn, yard and sensory room

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An immensely popular traditional item of soft play, fully padded on two levels to create role play and provide very safe physical activity without the need for netted enclosures. This is a free-standing item and can be added to any floor area or supplied with our unique sprung interlocking floor panels.

Other acivities can be added to the barn by adding additional bays to the rear of the barn. These can include the following as suggestions though there are any number of items of soft play that could be included:

  • Spinning pole
  • Soft swing
  • Squeeze rollers
  • Roundabout
  • Why not add a fire engine in case the barn catches fire or specify your own activity area! Build to the same panel design

The colours can be bespoke to suit your requirements.

The play barn can be expanded to accommodate a range of activities as shown in the attached images. Interactive electrical items can also be added, the cables being hidden in the void under the unique sprung floor panels, enabling units to be sited anywhere. These panels can also be adjusted in configuration as indeed can the wall panels that lock together in many permutations. Add wall panels, activity panels, additional barriers, advertising graphics…. The range of options are huge.

All of the play items, flooring, and playbarn playbarn have timber carcasses to ensure longevity and ensure replacing worn covers is a simple and cost effective procedure. 

Floor mats are supplied 1220mm square as standard though most sizes and shapes can be manufactured to suit most areas.

Timber framed foam walling per m