Astra Slide

Wave slide, bumpy slide.

There are two forms of this slide. A slightly ‘reduced’ version of the Astra slide which we would refer to as the wave or bumpy slide.

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A1, Astra, 3 Lane 2 Section, 2400mm
A1, Astra, 3 Lane 3 Section, 3600mm
A1, Astra, 3 Lane 4 Section, 4800mm
A1, Astra, 3 Lane 5 Section, 6000mm
B2, Astra, 2 Lane 2 Section, 2400mm
B2, Astra, 2 Lane 2.5 Section, 3000mm
B2, Astra, 2 Lane 3 Section, 3600mm
B2, Astra, 2 Lane 3.5 Section, 4200mm
B2, Astra, 2 Lane 4 Section, 4800mm
B2, Astra, 2 Lane 4.5 Section, 5400mm
B2, Astra, 2 Lane 5 Section, 6000mm
Toddlers Twin Lane Wavy 900mm
Twin Lane Wavy 1000mm
Twin Lane Wavy 2000mm
Twin Lane Wavy 3000mm
Twin Lane Wavy 4000mm
Single Toddlers Bumpy 1250 – 1550mm
Double Toddlers Bumpy 1250 – 1550mm
Triple Toddlers Bumpy 1250 – 1550mm