We have a complete package of products to compliment your play area, restaurant, waiting room and numerous other possible applications. As you will see there are many unique items in our range which we are constantly adding to – ball bogglers, cannons, ball feeders, energetic play, soft play, ball pools, trampoline, roundabout.

Bespoke items are a particular speciality. If you have an idea for a product that is currently not available in the market place please ask us to have a look at bringing your idea to fruition. We make many one-off items and why not? You then have an attraction unique to the industry and also a selling point against your competitors. This industry, like many others, is very competitive and being different can – and will – prolong your unique appeal to your customers. Why be one of many offering the same off-the-shelf product? The only people that benefit are the supplying company who are selling a standard, simple to install unit.

Many of the products within our range are suitable for sensory areas, providing tactile, visual and audible experiences as well as the all important interaction with other people.

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